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The definitive history on the foundation of the Breed.

Author: Jean-Marie Van Bustele.
Translator/publisher: V.Brideau



Griffon lines in Canada during this period were dominated by the "Ingenook" dogs of Mrs. F. C. Waddell or those of Agnes Wilke "Oakcrest."  At this specialty, Mrs. Wilke was showing her Yorkshire Terriers and did not note a Griffon entry from her line.

It is rumored that Mrs. Wilkie or Mrs. Waddell provided the much beloved Canadian artist, Emily Carr, with her Griffons.  This is being researched and awaiting permission to publish photos of Emily with her dogs who accompanied her on her many forays in the British Columbia wilderness on painting expeditions.

Most of the Grifffons of that era were British imports but there was considerable breeding across the border as is noted with the mention of past ABGA President Iris de La Torre Bueno's bitch entered in this specialty.












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