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The definitive history on the foundation of the Breed.

Author: Jean-Marie Van Bustele.
Translator/publisher: V.Brideau

The Brussels Griffon is a breed found within the Brachycephalic family of dogs which means that it shares certain attributes, such as rounded or domed head, larger eyes, and shorter muzzle or face.

While breeding ALL dogs is an enormous responsibility, those involved with the Brach breeds need to be even more vigilant and knowledgeable due to the possiblity of increased health problems associated with the exaggeration of features that these breeds exhibit.

Below you will find a number of links which will provide details and information on Brach breeds in general.

The Brussels Griffon in your life may, or may not, exhibit some, any, or all of these problems, depending upon the breeder, the lines used for breeding, and the condition in which the owner cares for the individual Griffon involved.



Brachycephalic syndrome

Cleft palate



Collapsed Trachea

Cornea Ulceration


Chronic obstructive respiratory syndrome (CORS)

Dentigerous Cysts

Elongated soft palate

Paroxysmal Respiration or "The Reverse Sneeze"

Wry Mouths