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The definitive history on the foundation of the Breed.

Author: Jean-Marie Van Bustele.
Translator/publisher: V.Brideau

Dear Griffoners,

I’m the proud owner of the Rescue Dog Griffon which has recently appeared among the Busy Griffs. Now I would like to share our story about me and Cilla’s first rescue experience.

My red rough Brussels Griffon Cilla Red Blues in October 2002 succesfully passed her first rescue test ZZZ which is the Rescue Dog Suitability Test. This test aims to prove the suitability of the dog for the future use in some part of the rescue training and work (such as disaster, area search, avalanche or water work). This test consists of four parts, the total score is 200 points.

Time limit: 15 minutes, 300 paces with one scent object on the track, one corner conforming to the terrain and the track layer at the end of the track. In this part, Cilla was just perfect, she followed the track wihout loosing a single point. Just on the end instead of barking while she found the "lost person", she just jumped on him and tried to rescue him by herself - sniffing and licking all around his face.... 48 points

Heeling on leash (walk, slow and fast walk) with turns - we managed to get all 10 points. Changing positions by the handler (sit down, lay down, stand up) also 10 points. Retrieving - this is our only problem and what is more, the fetch was wet and cold and she would never také it into her mouth, yuck!.... 0 points. Barking at the command  - she takes a time before she "starts her inner motor".... 9 points. And the last excersise in this part - lying down while distracted (two shots, motor sounds) she deserved 10 pts.

5 different obstacles - traversing an elevated rigid wooden board, unstable wooden board on barrels, high jump, tunnel and a long jump 1 m. Our favourite discipline with the genes after her "agility mum" got us 49 points.

Walking among two fires, traversing of unpleasant surfaces (tin, plastic, construction materials, rubble, e.g.), contact with two unknown people (certainly 10 pts for each griffon, isn´t it?),
carrying on an open barrow. And in the end indicating a lying "lost" person in an open area - Cilla is eager to find but again she would jump on the "lost" and fiddle and wriggle and wag the whole dog (as the bob instead of tail is not enough to express whole the love she wants to give) but she has got no time to give a single bark. Nevertheless the emphasy in this excersise is put on the dog
’s interest in searching and finding and not leaving the person "in need". In this part we gained 48 points.



In the morning before the test begun, we were standing among two Boxers and one German Shepherd and the little Griffon seemed really funny and there was a charity in the eyes of many experienced rescuers, although some of them supported us. What a surprise at the end of the day, when little Cilla defeated them all gaining 184 points (of 200). The Griffon's fantastic assignment really impressed the judge and all those who watched. They would never believe, that this little lady dog  could be taken out of the sofa and do some work.

I am convinced that this is really the first Brussels Griffon in the Czech Rrepublic and I dare to say in the world who achieved this....

In the meantime Cilla also passed the ZZO test that is similar to your Obedience with the mark excellent. In November 2004 We tried to get the RH-E rescue exam but because of the cold and rainy weather we failed in tracking.

To be permitted to the rescue tests in our country, each dog (and the leader obviously) must undergo the endurance test when the dog runs 20 km in 2 hours limit, while the leader must ride the bike half the way and run for the rest of the track. Cilla each summer regularly joins us and I must admit she copes with this task much better than my Boxer. The source of energy in such a tiny dog is amazing.

Best greetings

Marketa Nedvedova,Czech Republic