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The definitive history on the foundation of the Breed.

Author: Jean-Marie Van Bustele.
Translator/publisher: V.Brideau

Each year the Brussels Griffon community descend upon Louisville, Kentucky for the American Brussels Griffon Association National Specialty, Dinner, the National Brussels Griffon Rescue auction and the Louisville Show Circuit.  Please click the links on the Archive Menu to see results of past specialties.


The following Griffons have won the National in the past two decades.

Within this time frame, all have been red rough males with the noted exceptions below.

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1992   Ch. Treyacres Kiss My Grit

first red rough bitch

1993   Ch. KDeeB's Rough Me Not

first red smooth dog

1995   Ch. Homestead Quizzer - red rough bitch

1996  Ch. Rickshaw's Wired To Win - red rough bitch

2001 - Ch. Symphony Hold That Thought - red smooth dog

2004 - Ch. Bobcat's Ruby B'Gonia V. Donandru

first black & first uncropped bitch

2005 & 2006 - Ch. Runors Pete N'Repeat at Jimijo

first black and tan winner dog

Top winning Black and Tan in North American breed history

2 Nationals & 6 All-Breed BIS

2007, 2008 & 2009 - MBISS MBIS Ch. Cilleine's Masquerade - red smooth dog

#1 All Systems - 70 All Breed BIS, 7 BISS, 188 Grp 1st

Top Winning Griffon in the History of the Breed

2011 - Ch. Knolland Amber Moon - red rough bitch




1985   Ch. Berryhill Gandalf.  Breeder: Bruce Owen, Canada.  Owners: Mrs. Howard and Cindy Reed (Gandalf took the Group at Westminster in 1986.  The first Griffon to do so in over 20 years).

1986   Ch. Treyacres Inque. Breeders:  Benninger and Treyacres.  Owner: Treyacres.

1987   Ch. Merilly Ima Lil Rascal. Breeder:  Mary Cook.  Owners:  E. Rumi and I Zimmerman.

1988   Ch. Starbeck Silken Starshine. Breeder:  Ann Fenn.  Owners:  M. Simon and H. Odum.

1989   Ch. Homesteads Boss Treyacres. Breeders:  E. Hole and Treyacres.  Owners:  Cohen, Jenner, Hilgart

1990   Ch. Treyacres Zorro. Breeders:  Benninger and Treyacres.  Owners:  J and A Fein, MD

1991   Ch. Homesteads Naughty But Nice. Breeders:  E. Hole and T. Holless.  Owners: E and J Hole and Treyacres.

1992   Ch. Treyacres Kiss My Grit. Breeder:  John Kipp  Owner:  Ruth L. Cooper

1993   Ch. KDeeB's Rough Me Not. Breeder:  Braukman and Wolf.  Owners:  M. Gregory and EG Hoag

1994   Ch. Kaystar Anthony Fischer. Breeder/Owner.  Peggy Fischer.

1995   Ch. Homestead Quizzer. Breeder: Evelyn Hole.  Owners:  Dr. and Mrs. Fein

1996   Ch. Rickshaw's Wired To Win. Breeder/Owners:  Miyamto, Yamasaki, Hamann

1997   Ch. Donandru's Benjamin Bunny. Breeder/Owner:  Ruth Pereira.

1998   Ch. Donandru's Benjamin Bunny. Breeder/Owner:  Ruth Pereira.

1999   Ch. Toobee's Rembrandt. Breeders: L and N Brooks.  Owners:  Dr. and Mrs. H. Brooks.

2000   Ch. Hilltop's Special Zinger. Breeder/Owners:  Carole and Ron Ross.

2001   Ch. Symphony Hold That Thought. Breeder/Owner:  Cindy Muir.

2002   Ch. Fist Face's Tigger T Trouble. Breeder/Owners:  R.L. and Linda Vance.

2003   Ch. Fist Face's Tigger T Trouble. Breeder/Owners:  R. L and Linda Vance.

2004   Ch. Bobcat's Ruby B'Gonia V Donandru. Breeders: Pam Waldron and Ruth Pereira.  Owners:  Felicia Cashin, Ruth Pereira, Pam Waldron.

2005   Ch. Runors Pete N'Repeat at Jimijo. Breeder:  Ruth Pearson.  Owners:  Ruth Pereira and Pam Waldron.

2006   Ch. Runors Pete N'Repeat at Jimijo. Breeder:  Ruth Pearson.  Owners:  Ruth Pereira and Pam Waldron.

2007 - 2009 Ch. Cilleine's Masquerade. Breeder: Denise Barney.  Owners:  Anne & Harlowe Jahelka, Mamie & Evalyn Gregory.

2010 Ch Hilltop's Mr. Big Stuff. Breeder: Carole L. Ross.  Owners:  Carole L. Ross & Amy Rutherford.

2011  Ch. Knolland Amber Moon. Breeder: Luc Boileau.  Owners: Beverly Wyckoff & Charles Ginsberg & Susan Kipp

2012   Gr Ch. Chismick's Lights On Broadway. Breeder: Lisa Straub.   Owners: Mark & Karin Jaeger