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The definitive history on the foundation of the Breed.

Author: Jean-Marie Van Bustele.
Translator/publisher: V.Brideau

I started showing dogs in 1975 when I purchased an Irish Setter.  Although not a very good show dog he also became my first obedience dog and I gained his U.D. title.  I then became involved in English and Gordon Setters, both showing and trialling them.  I also trialled a whippet to his CDX title and a little rescue dog to his CDX and JD titles.

My involvement in Griffons began when my daughter, Claire, decided that she wanted one and I fell in love with the breed. Our first Griffon, a smooth red,  joined us 9 years ago from Raweke kennels.  Since then I have occasionally bred litters of Griffons as well as showing and trialling them.   I bred litters very occasionally under the Balliol prefix and produced a number of champions and obedience titled dogs all of which were owner handled.

Claire has also been involved in showing and trialling and trained and trialled her first Gordon Setter to her CD title when she was only 13. As well as the Griffons she now has PBGV's which she breeds under the LaFolie prefix and a Pug who she trialled to a CD title.  I also show and train one of her PBGV's who now has her CD title as well as her Grand Champion title. I am now preparing her for her Open title.

I am currently President of The Griffon Fanciers Association and we have 44 members who are all owners of Griffons.  Our club works with and supports The Griffon Club of Queensland and the The Griffon Bruxellois Club of Victoria.


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I am able to judge Setters and I am a ANKC qualified Obedience Instructor.

Michelle Parker Brien