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The definitive history on the foundation of the Breed.

Author: Jean-Marie Van Bustele.
Translator/publisher: V.Brideau

BRUGGE NIGHT OWL, ADX Advanced Gold, CDX Gold - ‘Merlot’
Owner/Trainer/Handler: Linda George, New Zealand
Breeder: Mrs D. Cowie
Sire: Ch. Moerangi Merlin    Dam: Ch. Brugge Jessica
Born: 16 February 2001


Born 2001, Merlot is my second Griffon (I have four). He arrived at four months old and took over the house, and everyone’s heart.
His nature is honest and sensitive, and he is always trying to please.

I was already running my other Griffon in agility, and Merlot started training from when he arrived. He showed speed and skill early, a natural flow from jumps to turns, to weaves. At 18 months old he started competing officially, Merlot gaining a placing on his first day out.

In April 2004 he gained his Agility Dog (AD) title, and then followed quickly in November 2004 by his Agility Dog Excellent (ADX) title.

Another achievement during 2004 was the completing of the Clean Run 60 Weavepole Challenge. At this time he was the ‘World Record Holder’ for Griffons in completing 60 continuous weavepoles.  SEE BELOW



May 2005 he continued to earn titles by gaining his ADX Advanced Bronze, however that year he had a bad accident on a course – hitting the A-frame, splitting his mouth open and getting a form of ‘whiplash’ in his neck, along with a shoulder injury.

During the recovery phase from this, to keep him working, we started training obedience, and then competed. A different discipline for a free running dog to change to, but again his willingness and honesty shines through.

Merlot gained his ADX Advanced Silver in February 2006 & ADX Advanced Gold April 2006.


He has also gained numerous medals competing in the New Zealand Masters Games Dog Handling section - gold, silver and bronze. Great fun running cross country courses through forestry, and completing ‘alternative’ styles of obstacles.

At 10 ½ years old he is now retiring from agility and obedience – but is starting to compete in the new dog sport (for New Zealand) of Rally-o , and will try to gain his Rally titles.

The absolute joy of owning, training, and competing such a delightful dog as Merlot is wonderful, and I am very lucky.

Over the years of competing he is now the Highest Qualified Griffon in New Zealand, in both agility and obedience.