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The definitive history on the foundation of the Breed.

Author: Jean-Marie Van Bustele.
Translator/publisher: V.Brideau

When The Brussels Griffon Forum Mailing List began September 2000, it was the intention to facilitate the development of an intelligent, devoted and responsible on-line community dedicated to this splendid little Breed.

Leaving a full scholarship graduate thesis (on dogs of course!) in 2000, in order to become computer savvy, this slave to the Breed began two LONG years of study, more years of research, correspondence and establishing a strong network, &, well, here we are! It has been some journey since the first time my eyes set upon the Griffon in the 1970s.

Who would have thought, between 2000 - 2010, that we would see the breed exploding in Rescue and ending up in shelters?  Along with the bad, fortunately, came much more good as wonderful, caring people also made this little dog the centre of their universe - which is - of course, where they expect to be!!!

Although the Forum web portal, Mailing List and Pedigree Database have been a tremendous amount of work, it is the support that you have provided that has made it all worthwhile.  So many of you have privately shared your stories - some heartbreaking and many good belly laughs!  What an honour you bestowed on us!

With the advance of technology and the myriad of Facebook pages/groups, there is no need for a BGForum mailing list OR is there?  While there is much chatter and wonderful photos for companion owners, there are also WAYYY too many people-in my opinion-using this great medium to flog puppy sales.  Every advance brings great joys and sadly also those who wish to exploit for their own benefit.  IF a mailing list comes back, it will be dedicated to in depth discussion on breeding/structure/standards only.

The Brussels Griffon Forum has in the past and will continue to fulfill its mandate of providing information that is both entertaining and educational.  Coming on board in 2006, Ruth Pereira "Donandru" partnered with the BGForum to continue to bring you a treasure trove of information on this delightful breed. 

So on we go to enjoy this delightful little street urchin, learn much more from each other and share in our experiences whether they be in the ring, on the sofa, or on the Internet.   If there is anything that you do not see that you wish to have covered, drop a line and I'll do my best to try & accommodate.  Best of all, hug your Griffons & enjoy their company.